She Is Priceless

Lois' oldest daughter, Mary on the left.

When we lost Lois in 2014, my heart broke. I remember standing in my living room with my cell phone in my hand and tears streaming down my face as I read the messages. 5 children left alone because Lois couldn't afford a surgery that would have cost $250. Children who would later call me "Mama" and who I would hold as they grieved their mama's passing.

We got to work and immediately started our Emergency Medical Fund. People gave generously whenever the need was presented. Hundreds of mamas' lives were saved. Thousands of children spared the horror of being orphaned. Last year alone during our National Day of Giving with Mercy House Global - YOU gave over $28,000 to fund emergency medical care.

Last week I got another text. This one was about Aliano Christine. She had died due to TB and Hepatitis. Something an emergency surgery couldn't have saved. Her life, however, could have been saved --- if only the diagnosis had been given earlier. If only she had access to routine medical care.

So today - that's exactly what we are doing. In honor of Christine and her 9 children - we are putting out the call for early detection in the form of routine medical care for our mamas. All for $1.79 per person.

yep, you read that right. Let's break the numbers down:

$14,281 will fund 3 routine medical checkups for our mamas AND all of their children.

Routine medical care for 8,000 people.

$12.50 provides medical care for an entire family.

$375 provides medical care for an entire cooperative of mamas (30 mamas and their kids).

Will you give? Because she is priceless

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