Year End Educational Opportunity!

As the end of the year approaches my mind is often drawn to the work that is happening with our mamas and their families in Uganda.

Part of this work is the continuing education of our mamas through locally taught skills training (where our mamas learn things like agriculture, business and health from local Ugandan experts in that field!) and the education of their children in secondary school and university. This is empowerment in action and one of the core foundations of transformation.

As we seek to continue empowerment through

education into 2019, we have had a donor offer a year end match of $10,000 to the first $10,000 that we raise towards our Year End Giving Goals. (Yay!!!!)

I am asking if you would consider partnering with us to help us continue to deliver continuing education to our mamas and their kiddos and in so doing be a part of lives being transformed. We always say "You don't know what you don't know" and when you know more, you do more. Our mamas exemplify this! In fact, as they've learned more - this year alone we've seen the percentage of mamas with access to clean sanitation rise from 38% to 84% because of their training in how to dig pit latrines. Think of what 2019 could hold for these mamas and their children!

If you are able to help, CLICK HERE and make sure to choose "School Fund" in the drop down menu of options! (or any other fund that's on your heart for year-end giving!) Remember: every dollar helps and 100% of your gifts go to the project YOU specify.

Thank you for your partnership and continued generosity towards our precious mamas and their kiddos in Uganda.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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