Did you know? Today is our 2nd annual

She is Priceless Global Giving Day!

We are partnering with our friends at Mercy House Global to see women across the WORLD empowered and supported through today's She is Priceless Global Day of Giving. 9 non profits, each serving women and children. Each encouraging others to #PutOnYourPearls and give to women who are the epitome of a pearl...because when you really think about it, a pearl is a beautiful, healed wound. Join us today and GIVE to make a difference. We encourage you to look around at each of the non profits to give. They are all amazing and well - vetted through our friends at Mercy House Global!

That little girl you see above? That's Sharon. Her mama's passing in late 2013 is what first started our Emergency Medical Fund. Sharon and her 4 other siblings could have been prevented from living on their own without any adult to care for them for years for the cost of one surgery: $250. Today, 100% of the She Is Priceless gifts YOU give will go towards our emergency medical fund. GIVE today to save a mama's life! As we have come face to face with the global orphan crisis, we have come up with one main strategy for orphan prevention: Keep Mamas Alive. yep, it's that simple. If we can provide for life saving medical care for precious single mamas, we can keep them alive and keep their children from being orphaned. Will you show her today that She is Priceless by making a gift to save a mama's life and save her children from being orphaned? Together, we can make a difference!

***Pssst: Will you also help us spread the word? Grab one of these images or one I've attached below and help us spread the word! Perhaps someone in your circle would LOVE the opportunity to help a mama LIVE today?! Remember to send them to and tell them that choosing Beauty for Ashes Uganda helps provide life saving medical care (though ALL of the options are amazing and I personally will be donating to all of them tomorrow!)

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