Meet our Team: Peter - Literacy+ Director

We want to take some time to introduce you to our precious team! These folks pour themselves out for our mamas. They don't just "work" --- they LIVE out loving our mamas well. In Uganda, once you are well educated and could get a good job that pays well - there is a temptation to avoid the poverty around you. To rise above it and then leave it behind for good. After living through poverty or abuse or war, you don't tend to want to talk about it or hear it or remain in the "mess" of it on a daily basis. And our team does. They CHOOSE to walk into the depths of hard stories to bring HOPE and BEAUTY. We LOVE them and want you to know and love them too!

Let's start with Peter Etuket. He is our Literacy+ Director. He oversees all of our Literacy+ Centers and the Literacy+ Coaches.

(Peter, taking a profile of one of our mamas. He chose to sit on the ground instead of in a chair so she would feel safer sharing the hard parts of her story.

Tell us your name and a little about your family -

Etuket John Peter is my name Married to Achero Alice. We have one daughter and she is called Tiffanie and we are pregnant with another. Tiffanie is in top class and next year she will be in P.1. She will make six year in December. I love my wife and daughter!​​

Tell us a little about your story

I am one person who grew up with a single mother as my everything. She took care of me and worked hard to bring me up. She did not have all the knowledge and because of the violence at home, she did not live happily. So this kind of experience gave me a greater love for mothers. From this moment, I have always wanted to be that person who can inspire and lead any community of mothers and tell them that they are loved and there is hope tomorrow and God who created them made them so special and loves them so much.

What do you love about your job?

My way to live out my calling is through literacy.with our mamas, I pray everything that I do is out of love and that in the long run, the mamas will be inspired and have a place to belong.

Why is Literacy+ so important?

Literacy is important in various ways,

1.literacy builds the capacity of adult learners to use literacy and numeracy skills in improving their income generating activities.

2. It builds a culture of life long learning at the community level.

3. It also increases the Adult learners ability to make informed decisions be it at home, community and even national development.

4.The "+" part of our program is called "functional literacy" and is about training in sanitation and hygiene, it helps the learners to improve on sanitation that will help reduce the outbreak of diseases in their homes and community and even in the administration of medication.

5. Last but not least, literacy will help build the social friendly community among learners, loving one another, praying for one another and supporting one another.

What do you hope for in the outcome of literacy+?

The greatest hope I have in literacy,is that our mamas will be transformed socially and economically and will build on the truth of belovedness in their homes and the communities they live in. They shall be able to gain the importance of literacy and apply the skills they learn in their homes and the community and they shall still know that God loves them and they are loved and that God created them in a special way.

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