FAQ's about Joining a Village

"Is it a mama-to-mama sponsorship? How many monthly donors does each cooperative need?"

We get this question a lot, so I thought I would spell out exactly how it works around here!

She's from Angaro...want to join her village?

No - it is not a mama-to-mama sponsorship. Instead of having one donor take care of a whole family, we work together to take care of a cooperative. (sometimes a family has 1 child in school and sometimes 6 so costs would vary so much!). When you join a village ($23 monthly donation), your money is pooled into a fund with everyone else who has joined THAT village. 100% of this money is earmarked just for YOUR village. It's not used for any other purpose! Then, that money is used for mentoring, literacy, school fees and other needs as they arise.

She's from Soroti Town, want to join their village?

How many monthly donors each village needs is determined by the number of kids in school in that village. This is the one fluctuating need between villages. EVERY village fund contributes $75 monthly for mentoring (monthly for mamas and weekly for students), $150 monthly for literacy (should start soon!) and then whatever the school needs are. Because some villages have 5 kids needing school fees and some have 95, the number of monthly donors varies quite a bit from village to village!

Here's the equation we use to determine how many "villagers' we might need: $75 a month + $150 a month + school needs x 3 school terms + $20 per mama for an empowering gift once a year = annual need for village. Then we divide that by 12 to find monthly need. Divide that by $22.11 (what we get after transaction fees) and you will find how many "villagers" we need for each village!

She's from Ogolai, want to join her village?

Our goal is to have every village fully funded by monthly donors. This means MORE PEOPLE LOVING OUR MAMAS!!!! It also means not needing as many one time funding campaigns :-)

I hope that helps!!! If you're considering joining a village, we have quite a few that need upwards of 20 people each! We could even use a co-advocate for a few that wants to help encourage their friends and family to join!


She's from Tubor, want to join her village?

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