A Sleeping Lion Called Purpose

Our University Students are AMAZING. Have I told you that???? Their dreams and hopes and their discipline to see them come to pass constantly inspire all of us. I wanted to share a few of these precious ones with you --- in their own words.

As you might remember (if you read our post on Education), each of our University students completes a scholarship essay, signs a code of conduct and signs a volunteer agreement! Here are just a few of our students <3

*Note: We still need $10,386 to completely fund 113 scholarships. This money is due on FRIDAY, Sept 2 (THIS FRIDAY). To give CLICK here

​Osege Gabriel of Obongoi Village wants to study. His scholarship is $250 (CLICK HERE TO GIVE)

As a child coming from a family headed by a mother, there are so many challenges that limit family growth and progress. One of them being financial challenge and our mother cannot afford to pay my school fees at a higher level of education which costs a lot of money and that’s why I have a big desire to be offered scholarship opportunity.

The world makes room for a person of purpose, therefore in my heart there is a sleeping lion called purpose. I have a purpose to transform the status of our family and community at large. If given opportunity to study up to a reasonable level of education, I will surely be agent of change and transformation in very many ways.

I feel being at school is the way to make a change in life. I feel wasted because I believe am capable of doing something better. I have been praying for sponsorship opportunity since the time I dropped out of school in 2011 after my S.4. So if given the opportunity will help engineer my success

I would want to be a great agent of transformation/change in my community; possibly being a link between the voice less and the government.

Wow! I have a vision “to raise a Holistically Empowered generation full of God’s love and compassion knowing who they are in Christ Jesus”

My plans after the course are as follows;

· To improve the living standards of my family and the community at large.

· To be a great agent of change in our community.

· To empower our community in various ways.

· To improve education standards, Health, Finances, Nutrition and the development of our community.

· To be a role model in a community by being the best example in the community.

· To focus on behavioral change among the youth and orphans who have lost hope in life.

· I have a plan to improve my personal status and possibly have the best family ever.

Ajiro Irene from Soroti Town wants to be a social worker. Her scholarship is $455 (click HERE MXLLS​​to give)​

I do want to be given a scholarship in order to help me acquire my future dreams of becoming a social worker to change community. Because being a social worker is being a community worker so that I can work with the vulnerable communities and people by advocating for the marginalized group of people for example the women mostly single mothers, children and people with disabilities.

After my education, I would also like to come and work for my community and show in love plus establish an income generating activity that will help our mamas to get out of poverty solve their needs. I will also be able to help pay for my siblings with the aim of also reducing literacy levels in the village.

I want to reduce the high rate of teen marriages in my community for both boys and girls.

And here's a student who got a scholarship for vocational school over the last 2 years! Look at all he's done already and all he plans to do! He recently graduated from a short nursing assistant course.

Ogire John Robert as written by one of our Ugandan staff members

Robert is one of our students who graduated on 21st of March 2016 from a short nursing course and is trying to open up a drug shop in one of the trading centers in Arapai sub- county in Soroti. He is getting 10,000 to 15,000ugx a day ($3) and in the process of registering as a professional Nurse.

​Ogire’s father passed on when he was only 2 month old and his mother was chased by his father’s relatives when he was 10. (meaning sent away to live on their own) There was always food shortage at home and that made him go into stone quarrying at his 13, then he changed to making bricks but people would always cheat him since he was a young kid. The money that he would pay for his fees, uniforms and other requirements.

Robert is the last born in his family, so his elder siblings dropped out of school because of luck of finances and so if he had not done casual work, he would have left school too.

His cousin encouraged him to endure but stay in school; so he did all sorts of labor just to stay at school even being a boda at night and go to school during day time.

After S.4, he could not afford to concentrate in school and branched to a nursing school (tech program vs University). By the time the organization came in to help me, I had a debt of 1,500,000ugx ($455 USD) and the school was chasing me away all the time. I had given up with school by that time but the organization helped me and I thank God for that. The organization would pay for me 1,000,000ugx ($305 USD) and I would top up the remaining 500,000ugx ($150) I would raise that 500,000ugx during the holidays by joining my mama in stone quarrying to raise that money.

My plans are to get capital and increase on my drug shop and help my mama in any way possible and pay school fees for my brothers’ kiddos.

I have a desire to help mamas in my village through treating them and if there is any opportunity that requires my help, am available.

I thank this organization very much for your significant role in my education and I went to encourage all youths that we can make it if we are determined.

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