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Get Involved

Perhaps monthly isn't your jam and you would rather pick specific projects to be a part of on a more one-time basis? You can fully fund a project, donate towards ongoing projects or pick a project and fundraise for it with your community. We will even make a personal funding page for you if you choose that option.


Clean Water

$6800 funds a clean water well. We have provided 35 wells so far, meaning each of our villages now has access to at least 1 clean water source. We are now funding 2nd and 3rd wells to decrease the walking time for water and increase the time mamas spend with their families and on their growing businesses.

Emergency Medical Fund

After losing a mama because she couldn't afford a surgery that would have cost $250, we started our emergency medical fund. We always have needs in this area ranging from $50 for a minor need to $600 for a more major surgery. Give today or contact us for a list of needs!

Child Headed Households

We have 13 families of children who have lost both of their parents. While we believe in empowering our mamas, we believe kids should be fully dependent. It costs between $50-$100 per month to care for these precious ones. You can sign up to give monthly or as a one time donation to help us cover these needs.

Special Projects

We are always collecting for various special projects, from bikes for our mobilizers who walk miles every week to tell their sisters about the cooperative meetings to mosquito nets to goats. Give to the fund today or contact us for a list of our current needs. 

Within the women's cooperatives, our mamas pool their resources to make a difference in their families and village. They know we are

Better Together.

When you Sponsor a Mama, you Join Our Village! You get to do the same thing as our mamas - you get to join a cooperative of sorts by pooling your donations with everyone else's who joins your village. This fund is used JUST for YOUR village. It funds: Mentoring (monthly for mamas and weekly for students), Literacy+ Training for mamas and School Fees for their children

How it works:

Want to use your "voice" to make a difference for an entire community or project? Become an advocate today.

As an advocate, you pick a special village or project that makes your heart come alive and then utilize your network (community, social media, school, church, business, etc) to see that village or project fully funded. Your "job" will be to get the mamas from your village sponsors (each village varies on the number of mamas who need sponsored based on how many children need to be in our school fees program). You'll also get to join our one-time funding campaigns by specifically advocating for your particular mamas.

You'll get:

  • To fall in love even more deeply with a particular village or project by being the "go to" for that need.

  • To join our advocacy team and private online Facebook group to be the first to know all of our behind the scenes work from on the ground as well as a special family of other advocates. As an organization with only one paid staff member in the US, our advocacy family is really the team that gets things done.

  • To have your life changed as you watch miracles take place for your mamas and the mamas of our entire program


Why $23 per month? Because that's what our mamas live on for their entire family. Just $0.76 per day.

When you sign up, choose a village. If you don't know which one to choose, let us know and we will help you choose.

After you join, you'll get an invite to a private FB group to get to know your mamas via a photo album with their photos and stories. Monthly, we will post updates from your village with stories, photos, quotes and more.

I mean....wait until you see their faces!!! Oh. My. Dear. All the heart eyes.

Yes, you will be a part of changing lives and making miracles happen for precious families. But just as much? YOUR life will be changed. Our mamas' teach us about gratitude, joy, contentment, hard work, perseverance and more. They change us more than we change them, we are pretty sure.